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Holy Rosary has two councils and many commissions. The pastoral council and the finance council do the work on setting a vision and giving unity to the parish. The commissions work on particular tasks and projects.


Pastoral Council: under the guidance of the Holy Spirit works to create a vision for the parish. The council does this by assisting the pastor.

Together they help the entire parish follow the parish mission “to unite all things with God”. The parish council does this ministry with the help of the commissions.


Commissions of the parish council:

Education Commission: We need to know our faith in order to live it and share it. The Education commission evaluates what the parish knows, assesses what the parish needs to knows, find ways for us to learn our faith. This helps us to be united with God.


Human Concerns Commission: We need to put our faith into action. The Human Concerns commission guides our parish in helping the poor and the oppressed. Our unity with God is incomplete without our love for the poor.


Liturgy Commission: We need to pray. The Liturgy commission helps us to open our hearts and minds to God by working on the all aspect of the liturgical prayer of our parish. Our prayer brings us closer to God.


Stewardship Commission: We need gifts from God. The Stewardship commission helps us to see that ever person has gifts from God, and they help us to use them in the service of God’s Church. There are many gifts. There is one Spirit.


Vocation Commission: We need priests, sisters, brothers, deacons. The Vocation Commission helps us to see this need, and looks for people who can fulfill it. ‘When we foster vocations we unite with need of our universal Catholic Church.


Finance Council: under the guidance of the Holy Spirit assists the pastor in financial matters of the parish. Together they examine the financial state of the parish and see that we have the means to carry our mission, “to unite all things with God.” The finance council does this with the help of commissions


Commissions of the finance council:


The Building and Grounds Commission:

We need a solid place to worship, and to carry out our parish mission. The Building and Grounds commission work to make sure our buildings and in good condition. They work on long term planning, and organize volunteers for various projects. Working together to care for our building helps us unite in God.


The Grant Commission: We need funding for our many good works and projects. The Grant commission researches and applies for grants that we help us to better serve the community. By looking beyond our parish the grant commission helps to unite us with God.

Cemetery Commission: We need to pray for those who have died. We pray that they are in heaven with God. Our cemetery reminds us that Christ has risen from the dead. It gives us a place to go to remember and pray for those who have gone before us. Our cemetery commission works to see that our cemetery is always a place that reflects the dignity and value of life and death.


We have three parish organizations that are not with the finance or the parish council:


The Endowment Council: We need a continuous income for our budget and for special projects. The endowment council raises funds for the endowment, and guides and watches over the investments.


The Council of Catholic Woman (CCW): We need to get things done. The CCW organizes and works on many projects which benefit the entire parish.


The Home and School Association: We need our parish school. The Home and School association contributes in many ways to the success of our parish school.


We have two International Catholic Organizations:

The Knights of Columbus (KC’s):

The KC’s promote our Catholic faith by uniting men in our parish and our neighboring parishes in seeking to put our faith into action.

The Catholic Daughters of the America’s (CDA)

: The members of the Catholic Daughters support each other as they strive to live our Catholic faith in their everyday lives.

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