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Ordinary Time

 Ordinary time is ordinary. We live our every days lives, we have routines, sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad, sometimes tired, sometimes enthusiastic. Ordinary time reminds us that God is with us in our daily lives and we can show it in the ordinary things that we do. The color for ordinary time is green. Green reminds us that life continues. Advent starts 4 Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas eve.


Advent is for new beginnings. Advent means arrival; the arrival of Christ. We step out of our ordinary lives for a while to think about what having God in our lives means. Can I see that Christ is my King? Can I see that God is guiding me? The color for Advent is royal purple. This color reminds us that Jesus is our King (Royal) and that he is king by his suffering and death.
We use an Advent wreath at this time of year. The circle of the wreath can remind us of the unity of God. The green can remind us of life. There are usually 4 candles; 3 purple and one pink. The first candle can remind us of Hope, the second Peace, the third (pink) Joy, the forth Love. A fifth white candle can be used and lit on Christmas day.


Christmas is a time to rejoice. We don’t have to think about much or reflect on much, just enjoy knowing that Jesus is born, God is with us. The color of Christmas is white for white is the color for holiness. Christmas starts on Christmas eve and ends when Jesus is Baptized.


Lent is a time to feel bad, to know your sin, to confess your sin, to be sorry for your sin, and to make plans to change your life so you don’t continue doing that sin. Everyone sins, what is your sin? If you want to know God’s forgiveness and peace, you have to repent of your sin. Lent starts with Ash Wednesday and goes until Holy Thursday. The color for Lent is purple. Purple is for passion; the passionate love Jesus had for us as he suffered and died.

Lenten Regulations:  Catholics who have celebrated their 14th birthday are to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, all Fridays in lent, and Good Friday. In addition to abstaining from meat, Catholics who have celebrated their 18th birthday, until they celebrate their 59th birthday, are to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Those who are bound to this regulation may eat only one full meal. Two smaller meals are permitted if necessary to maintain strength according to one’s needs, but eating solid foods between meals is not permitted. These minimal penitential practices should not be lightly excused.


Easter is time to feel great. You have asked for God’s forgiveness and he has given it to you. Your sins don’t have to bring you down. You can live as Jesus wants you to live, God makes you holy. Jesus is alive in love and makes you alive in that same love. Easter lasts from the Easter Vigil until Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church. The color for Easter is white. White reminds us that God is Holy.

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