Time, Talent, & Treasure

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Time, Talent & Treasure Program


This is a Diocesan recommended program that will allow Holy Rosary to budget more efficiently. By obtaining a weekly commitment amount from each parishioner, based on their own individual circumstances, the Finance Council will have a more accurate way of determining Holy Rosary’s financial future. Budgeting for improvements, as well as maintaining our Parish, will be easier with an accurate future income.

The Diocese also believes that this is a way for parishioners to prioritize where their expenditures compare with their support for our Church. We, as Catholics, have a NEED to give. Not only to give when there is a need. It is a spiritual satisfaction within, that makes us feel complete. God has blessed us with many gifts, and He wants us to share the gifts He has given to us.

The following link is the Brochure that was mailed to each household, with Parish financial information as well as an explanation of the Program.


“God will help us through whatever it is he wants us to do. God does want us to use our time and talent in his service. Some talents we know we have, some may still be hidden, all of them come from God.”

~Fr. Randy Budnar

Along with the Time, Talent & Treasure brochure, a Directory of Ministries was also mailed out to each parishioner.  Each parishioner was asked to choose 2 or 3 ministries that they would be interested in. 

“Give to the Most High as he has given to you, generously, according to your means, for the Lord is one who always repays, and He will give back to you sevenfold.”

Sirach 35:9-10

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