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“Everything the Lord has said, we will do.” Exodus 19:8

How do I pick a Bible?

Q: Aren’t all books published as the “Bible” the same?

A: No.Since the Bible was written many years ago, the original languages are not English. Thus, in order for us English speaking people to read and understand it, it must be translated into English. The process of translating, however, requires some interpretation. Interpreting the Bible requires not only knowledge of language, but an understanding of the history and of the writing styles. However, different groups of people or organizations have published Bibles that include different books or use different words that can sometimes change the meaning. Sometimes this is done to fit a particular belief.

Q: What is the difference between Protestant and Catholic Bibles?

A: Protestant Bibles often contain only 39 books in the Old Testament, whereas the Catholic Bibles recognize 46 books as inspired and officially part of scripture. Furthermore, two of the books common to both Bibles have additional parts found in the Catholic Bibles that have been excluded from the Protestant Bibles. These differences are known as Deutoerocanonical (in Catholic terms) and Apocrypha (in Protestant terms). The Deuterocanonical Books include:Historical books: Tobit, Judith, parts of Ester. 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees;Wisdom books: Wisdom, Sirach.Prophetic books: Baruch, parts of Daniel

Q: What are some Catholic Bibles?


1. New American Bible (NAB) – Catholic Bible translation used in the Mass in United States. 1970 original translation (from original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek), 1986 revised New Testament, 1991 Revised Psalms. The translation is a modern language or “dynamic” version, which makes it easier to understand in today’s world. This is the version used in the Catholic Mass in the United States and thus is the best initial version with which to start.

2. Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition Bible (RSVCatholic) 1966— as distinct from the Protestant version known simply as the Revised Standard Version (RSV) (not Catholic). Some catholic scholars prefer this version because of its more direct translation.

3. Douay-Rheims Bible - standard Catholic Bible of the English language until the twentieth century. Originally published in 1609 (a few years before the protestant King James version) it has undergone multiple revisions since that time. This Bible was translated from an earlier translation in Latin.

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