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“Revelation of the Father”

The Revelation of the Father helps men to develop the final two leadership traits: Lay a Foundation for the Future and Be willing to Pay the Price. By so doing it transforms men into apostles of the new springtime where they personally help lay the foundation for the rebirth of a truly Christian society. It is a future based upon the superabundant mercy of the Father.
Experience the power of transformation as you discover:

  • The vision of authentic fatherhood as it relates to its ultimate source: God the Father.
  • The superabundant mercy of the Father, including how you are to receive it as well as practice it.
  • The root of the problems in modern society as well as the three men who laid the foundation for the “culture of death.”
  • The incredible scientific evidence that reveals the current attack against marriage and the family.
  • The power of Christ to overcome the “mystery of iniquity,” including its manifestation in our day.
  • The saint who has been given to the Church in these times to manifest the means by which you can help your children avoid the pitfalls of the “culture of death” and form them to be the foundation for the “culture of life.”
  • The means by which you can transform the “seven simple steps for forming a healthy, happy, holy family” into the “seven simple steps for raising children.”



“Get the material out fast to give to others.”
“Certain presentations�I couldn�t get them out of my head for a week. These are on-the-ground issues for students and parents. They need all of the tools they can get to help them navigate through these issues.”
“I believe this program was absolutely awesome, profound,major elements of the �Culture of Death.� Reveal the scientific evidence for the “Culture of Death�s” attack against marriage and the family.

The Fall session will begin here at Holy Rosary Parish in the Parish Hall on Saturday mornings beginning September 8, 2012 from 6:45am-8:30am. Sessions run for 13 weeks and are offered in the Fall & Spring . Contact Randy Bergeson 482-0460. For further information go to:

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