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Great Music by the Stump Fiddle Band, AWESOME Steak Dinner, Hilarious & Amazing illusionist Tristan Crist, and Entertaining Auction!

Many thanks to all who organized this wonderful event, all who attended, and to all for their generous support of Holy Rosary Catholic Church!

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2014 Performances:

(All performances begin at 6pm)

March 29- St Mary’s in Mineral Point

March 30- St Ann’s in Stoughton

April 5- St Patrick’s in Cottage Grove

April 6-

April 12- St Matthew’s in Shullsburg

April 13-

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Lenten Regulations

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Catholics who have celebrated their 14th birthday are to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, all Fridays in lent, and Good Friday. In addition to abstaining from meat, Catholics who have celebrated their 18th birthday, until they celebrate their 59th birthday, are to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Those who are bound to this regulation may eat only one full meal. Two smaller meals are permitted if necessary to maintain strength according to one’s needs, but eating solid foods between meals is not permitted. These minimal penitential practices should not be lightly excused.

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“Revelation of the Father”

This program is available for all Catholic men, and meets every Saturday morning at 6:45am in our Parish Hall beginning Saturday, September 8, 2012. For more information visit our THAT MAN IS YOU! page.

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Parish Linking Summary

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 I would like to share with you some of what will happen when we link with our neighboring parishes.  We will link with Calamine, Truman, Elk Grove, and Seymour.  When linking, each church’s councils, finances, records, and all else will stay separate.  However, we will share one priest.  The linking committees, members from all parishes, have determined and it has been approved by the bishop that the linked parishes will have only an 8:00 p.m. mass on Saturday night.  There would be no 5:15 p.m. mass at Holy Rosary, but there would be an 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

                With a decreasing number of masses at each church, parishioners are going to have to rearrange their schedule a bit in order to attend mass each weekend.  If they do this, rather than using the excuse that my favorite mass time is being changed so I am not going to mass this weekend, I think people will actually strengthen their faith and the faith of the rest of the parishioners.

                When we merge, we all become one parish.  We will have a new name.  The bishop will choose one from three that we suggest.  All the church buildings will stay open as long as it is financially feasible for them to do so.

                When possible, we all should try to make members of our linked parishes welcome to our parish and all parish activities. We could also include them in some of our parish activities.  This would hopefully make the linking and eventual merging go more smoothly.  The bishop is trying to put off the linking and merging as long as possible.  When it does take place, we all will need to work together and make some sacrifices so that we all can be one happy parish family.


 Robert Gabel

 Parish Council Member

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All Parish buildings now HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE!

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Holy Rosary Parish, recognizing the need of the handicapped and the value of all people, has been working toward making our parish buildings more accessible.

The upstairs restroom is already completed! This restroom is located on the ground floor, accessible from the Church. The Church already has a handicap accessible ramp at the entrance.

The Parish Hall (downstairs) restroom is also completed, and is now handicap accessible.

The remaining project, which is very near completion, (pictured above) is the entry ramp to the Parish Hall.

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Church Repairs

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Fr. Randy,

Holy Rosary is a special place to have so many great volunteers to pitch in at short notice. Whenever something bad happens, it is an opportunity that God gives us to make something good come from it. The weeds are always intertwined with the wheat, as last Sunday’s Gospel parable explains. The clean up effort is the first example of the good that has come from this unfortunate event. The corpus on the crucifix was the only thing original to the old sanctuary, but was never proportionate for the new space. Now would be the time to change it. Holy Rosary parish is very resilient and will bounce back even stronger. That is what our Catholic faith is all about. Rising up and not letting tragedy get the best of us. The people of Holy Rosary are always in my prayers. ~Fr. Tom Kelley (former pastor of Holy Rosary)

Monday, July 21, 2008 while visitors were in our Church lighting a candle, they heard what sounded like footsteps on the ceiling. They lit their candle and walked away. They said, “Jesus must have been watching out for us, because just as we stepped out of the way, the ceiling fell on the altar.” They said they heard a “big boom” and the church immediately became consumed with dust.

No one was hurt, but they were very devastated!

Parishioners were notified, and immediately responded. Our parish is abundant with talent, and love for our Church. With the help of MANY volunteers, the Church was cleaned of debris by 10pm that same night.

The current Mass schedule remains intact.

To view slideshows of the damage, and the clean up effort, please see the links below:

Church Damage

Church Clean Up







Floor Finishing






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